Hello world !

I have created a second account on WordPress. How will they differ in content? On this Blog my intend is to talk  more about my work and other people’s work !

Then again ,  time will tell..I believe anything we do in life , including writing a blog , evolves !

So lets begin a journey on BeeSuiGeneris!

Banafsheh ( Bee)



2 thoughts on “Hello world !

  1. Banafsheh~ You are so cool. What an exciting and creative day you made for yourself and friends. Being more of a tomboy only wish I had the look to play dress-up too. My mother, like yours I’m sure, was always dressed to the nines. Gorgeous, perfectly fitting, classic pieces donned with different accessories; jewelry, scarves, shoes.. Everyday day she walked out of the house to take the express bus to Boston looking like a bit of Jackie O and Coco. It was just so easy for her even at 74.. My Mom was just stunning- inside and out. Thank you for sharing your passion for being better than average.

    • So Kind of you.. I’m sure your Mother was indeed classy and lovely for her daughter to remember her so well ! We do become our Mothers in some extent…Average , was something I could never relate !! thanks again for reading..

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