My Friends , My Closet !


Uvi wearing Vintage Jordan Marsh Wrap around

Lendie wearing Paganne ( Signed Fabric )

I’m making a book !

About two months ago  I post a comment on Facebook : ”  I have an amazing walking closet !  Ladies , I ‘m inviting you to come over and try a few items and get photographed ” !  I’m sure the comment sounded a bit more inviting . It included Pre-owned celebrity vintage clothing to hand Painted top by Christian Lacroix !  If you are a Fashionsita you could not refuse it ! I got six responses ! So I picked the date and two out of six made it to My Closet !

It was one of those  ” out of the blue thoughts” ..Being so disappointed  now for years with ” The Boston Fashion scene ” and how some do call themselves Designers , it pushed me straight to think I need to do something creative..

How did I get to this point in my life when it comes to clothing ! I have been called an Elitist  which in my opinion on this subject it simply means  I respect great clothing as a piece of Art !  Because it is !

First , I have to say  it was my mother ! I grew up watching my mother getting clothes sewn to her body ..Do you know what Haute Couture means? For most people the term only ends on Fashion , well , for my mother it was Haute Couture ..I wont get into the stories of my Childhood , because I would like to leave the Juicy details for the book!

The girls came ! It was a Sunday..We started with a Brunch at my house , late afternoon Cocktails , English Tea , Mints and Cookies…So I spend a good chunk of time chatting with the Girls..I wanted the day to be an easy day , a comforting and fun day..Each girl spend an hour picking through my clothes and getting ready for the Shoot !

By the end of the shoot ..I realized many important factors to harness into the Project…One of the most that stood the highest for me personally was the first two women who came ! These women are close to me and they do mean something for me..They are my friends ! This book is dedicated to my mother ! So I will pick only friends to come to my sacred closet ! Women that know me better than other women !

This book is dedicated to my wonderful mother , to the  friends I love , to my appreciation of Fashion and every stitches made to make it JUST right!

Style is not Fashion , Style is when your initials make it who you are!


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