The reasons we recite !

I just visited again Otto Plath ‘s Grave ( Sylvia’s father) this morning ! It used to be a ritual that I used to carry a poem of Silvia Plath’s and I would recite it over his grave..

Poetry is truly the sound of our emotions , like Music perhaps !  There are all forms of poetry , from Gazal , Ode , haiku , shi …all wonderful indeed ..except when some are lost in translations !

Poetry is an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound and rhythmic language ,  an emotional response. The Art of expressive writing as I call it , is an ancient form that has gone through numerous and drastic reinvention over time. The  nature of poetry as an authentic and individual mode of expression makes it nearly impossible to define.

With that said , we all have different reasons why we write ?

So I will speak for myself why I try to write poems.. I love to read poems ! My country of Birth is a poetry heaven ! It is Poetry itself..Rumi , Khayyam , Saadi , Ferdowsi  and the modern writers , Nima , Forough.. just to name a few..

I write poetry simply because I want  to . I don’t know if they fit in any form and any genre .I write poetry because I like to go  back and feel the essence of the moment lost in time..just like a photograph !  Simply to secure the  fireworks inside , formulas of resonance..

There is a great sense of surrealism in my virtual reality of what I write , at least I like to think so  ..Its like reciting to the Rose in the hope the petals would hear  ..

Its about the power to compose with words. I’m not  looking to express any profound truth but certainly a momentum to convey a thing about myself , my feelings and what I see with my mind’s eye , again like a photograph  . Perhaps nothing magical except what sounds right. A sensation I get , a purity or in-purity I feel, a feel of abstraction.It is the most sublime intellectual pursuit in a world that narrows down my thoughts and has become only my intellect.

” At first ,  I entered the world of aroma and hope

When discovered  your love

but soon rained and drowned by the truth

feared by what lurked and dragged me in the darkness

in the  Blasphemy of your lies ”

I will leave you with one of  my favorites of Plath :

A Life

Touch it: it won’t shrink like an eyeball,
This egg-shaped bailiwick, clear as a tear.
Here’s yesterday, last year —
Palm-spear and lily distinct as flora in the vast
Windless threadwork of a tapestry.

Flick the glass with your fingernail:
It will ping like a Chinese chime in the slightest air stir
Though nobody in there looks up or bothers to answer.
The inhabitants are light as cork,
Every one of them permanently busy.

At their feet, the sea waves bow in single file.
Never trespassing in bad temper:
Stalling in midair,
Short-reined, pawing like paradeground horses.
Overhead, the clouds sit tasseled and fancy

As Victorian cushions. This family
Of valentine faces might please a collector:
They ring true, like good china.

Elsewhere the landscape is more frank.
The light falls without letup, blindingly.

A woman is dragging her shadow in a circle
About a bald hospital saucer.
It resembles the moon, or a sheet of blank paper
And appears to have suffered a sort of private blitzkrieg.
She lives quietly

With no attachments, like a foetus in a bottle,
The obsolete house, the sea, flattened to a picture
She has one too many dimensions to enter.
Grief and anger, exorcised,
Leave her alone now.

The future is a grey seagull
Tattling in its cat-voice of departure.
Age and terror, like nurses, attend her,
And a drowned man, complaining of the great cold,
Crawls up out of the sea.

Sylvia Plath


The Versatile face !




What does it really mean to have a versatile face ? Indeed it is an unusual way of describing one’s face , isn’t it ? Does it mean it is flexible? Does it mean it is place-less and timeless ? Does it mean it can fit well in the emotional presence and adjust to all situations?

I wont get into what is considered as beautiful in the Fashion industry since there is a Golden Ratio  ,  structure and symmetry. For instance, the distance between eyes  is usually should be 46% of the width of the face !!!

I also wont get into the details of describing the faces of Drama actors since that is a different subject . The training of one’s character to be able to do that is beyond my blog today , so we wont go there !

But I do photograph many models and indeed they are some I love to photograph and some I truly would like to run away and lock myself out of the Studio!

Please remember It doesn’t mean because they are  not ” Pretty”  per say  !   But I don’t look for Pretty !

It is something I struggle all the time ..It is something I have struggled  since I was a child . Because perhaps I didn’t want to be just ” Pretty” !

So indeed there are those faces I love.. I love them because there is this big character sitting behind those eyes ! I love them because they have a style , a true style of their own ! It is also the reason why only a few make it to the industry and barely bring 1 million a year these days !

I will start with one of my favorite ones :

Verushka and why so many great photographers and great editors were fascinated with her?

I have purchased this book : The book weights about 16 pounds . The ultimate edition by Assouline , Linen cover , hand dipped , a true mind orgasm for photographers and art-lovers ! Words by Avedon , Sontag , Diana Vreeland , Lehndorf …just to name a few.. and words about this very unusual woman !

” Her physique melted in her intellect , that’s why she was so beautiful ” …” With her it became Beyond the Art of Fashion , it was beyond a Pose ” …” It was scary with her in the beginning , because she would fit in your dreams , but you would not “… ” her uniqueness , her humility , her warmth , her curiosity , her ability to listen and telling stories..made her beyond Commercialism , She is Art herself “…” I have become a Warrior against wearing Fur , Veruschka’s  own words”

Then Last night I ran into the 25 years of Kate Moss inside of  VanityFair!  Barely at 5.7 feet , she used to earned $9 million in one year ! What did she have?  A few things no doubt , a versatile Face and her own Style ! The Girl knew what to wear and how to wear it !  ( The first 10 images of the slideshow are of Moss )

Then Monica Bellucci  , Ines De la Fresange , Claudia Schiffer , Yasmin Parvaneh ..Iman , Linda Evengelista ,..and more..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today  many editors also run into the same issue , choosing the right face for a cover/spread ! Many editors simply choose Celebrities than ” Models ” .  All of the women in the slideshow are now in their 30’s , 40’s and 50’s and many of them are still used by photographers..

I like a Chic Face  !  The word Chic ( French ) has been applied to other things, social events, situations, individuals, and modes or styles of dress !   “If it had been worn by somebody with no chic it would never have become a style.” Said about Audrey Hepburn..It is not only a style but it is a manner… Pretty means Nothing ! Its how you carry yourself !