The Versatile face !




What does it really mean to have a versatile face ? Indeed it is an unusual way of describing one’s face , isn’t it ? Does it mean it is flexible? Does it mean it is place-less and timeless ? Does it mean it can fit well in the emotional presence and adjust to all situations?

I wont get into what is considered as beautiful in the Fashion industry since there is a Golden Ratio  ,  structure and symmetry. For instance, the distance between eyes  is usually should be 46% of the width of the face !!!

I also wont get into the details of describing the faces of Drama actors since that is a different subject . The training of one’s character to be able to do that is beyond my blog today , so we wont go there !

But I do photograph many models and indeed they are some I love to photograph and some I truly would like to run away and lock myself out of the Studio!

Please remember It doesn’t mean because they are  not ” Pretty”  per say  !   But I don’t look for Pretty !

It is something I struggle all the time ..It is something I have struggled  since I was a child . Because perhaps I didn’t want to be just ” Pretty” !

So indeed there are those faces I love.. I love them because there is this big character sitting behind those eyes ! I love them because they have a style , a true style of their own ! It is also the reason why only a few make it to the industry and barely bring 1 million a year these days !

I will start with one of my favorite ones :

Verushka and why so many great photographers and great editors were fascinated with her?

I have purchased this book : The book weights about 16 pounds . The ultimate edition by Assouline , Linen cover , hand dipped , a true mind orgasm for photographers and art-lovers ! Words by Avedon , Sontag , Diana Vreeland , Lehndorf …just to name a few.. and words about this very unusual woman !

” Her physique melted in her intellect , that’s why she was so beautiful ” …” With her it became Beyond the Art of Fashion , it was beyond a Pose ” …” It was scary with her in the beginning , because she would fit in your dreams , but you would not “… ” her uniqueness , her humility , her warmth , her curiosity , her ability to listen and telling stories..made her beyond Commercialism , She is Art herself “…” I have become a Warrior against wearing Fur , Veruschka’s  own words”

Then Last night I ran into the 25 years of Kate Moss inside of  VanityFair!  Barely at 5.7 feet , she used to earned $9 million in one year ! What did she have?  A few things no doubt , a versatile Face and her own Style ! The Girl knew what to wear and how to wear it !  ( The first 10 images of the slideshow are of Moss )

Then Monica Bellucci  , Ines De la Fresange , Claudia Schiffer , Yasmin Parvaneh ..Iman , Linda Evengelista ,..and more..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today  many editors also run into the same issue , choosing the right face for a cover/spread ! Many editors simply choose Celebrities than ” Models ” .  All of the women in the slideshow are now in their 30’s , 40’s and 50’s and many of them are still used by photographers..

I like a Chic Face  !  The word Chic ( French ) has been applied to other things, social events, situations, individuals, and modes or styles of dress !   “If it had been worn by somebody with no chic it would never have become a style.” Said about Audrey Hepburn..It is not only a style but it is a manner… Pretty means Nothing ! Its how you carry yourself !


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