Light , ” Truth or Consequences” !


What is Light?

Light is simply a name for a range of electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye. What is electromagnetic radiation, then?

Who cares !

Okay, I’m being sarcastic because photography is very Technical and all photographers need to have a better understanding of light before they click the Shutter!  So it is very important to learn lighting as one of the most important Technical aspects of photography ..Otherwise don’t go there please and just click and click !

L1090350 copy

L1090359 copy

Lets see  , lights are all over . In photography we call them Front light , side light , back light..

To get more Technical the wave of light  has amplitude, which is the brightness of the light, wavelength, which is the color  of the light, and an angle at which it is vibrating, called polarization .Should I get more Technical to explain quantum Theory . In terms of the modern quantum theory, electromagnetic radiation consists of particles called photons, which are packets (“quanta”) of energy which move at the speed of light. In this particle view of light, the brightness of the light is the number of photons, the color of the light is the energy contained in each photon, and four numbers (X, Y, Z and T) are the polarization.

Then comes the frequency and also temperature ( yeah . your Kelvin meter )..But I wont go further..

L1090351 copy

L1090377 copy

This is about how I see light !  The light around and the light within , dig?

The light is alive ,  all through out the day right into the evening and after.. what THE light as what Ben Sweetland once said is immensely important in all genre of Arts  : “ We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.”  

L1090352 copy

L1090394 copy

Our eyes are simply an instrument , but in reality light can be seen if one starts seeing the light within , the only way a good Photographer can create externally a great image !

As a photographer before I pick up my camera I seize the light..I need it ..I need to feel it first before seeing it ..I need to touch it with my eyes , closed ! I need to see where I want it to shine in my mind’s eye ! And if not there at the moment that I want  , well , I wont shoot ! ( Unless I have no choice and later I will fuss like mad) . When the light is not there it feels like I have been spreading it with a candle on a Mirror..So I feel I’m doing injustice to my subject ! Indeed at times it comes with bad Consequences !  A good picture does not need much manipulation if true to its lighting !

I also like  to reach in Deep in my layers to see light..Because personally for someone with Synesthesia everything , even numbers come with light and colors , right away  !  Every object to me is alive and since I see its light right away , I need to step back and give it more thoughts ! Then again , in order to understand  me , everything is colorful and comes with some source of light including notes , numbers …

” A synesthetic photographer who waits until she gets a synesthetic response from what she sees, and then takes the picture!  all  described in detail how they use their synesthesia to create their artworks. They demonstrate the complex interplay between personal experience and artistic creation.”

Remember these are simply my preferences of choosing light . But I think they do work in my case ! Seeing the Light as alive  ! Give it a breathes !

It is perhaps one of the very reason , I actually dont shoot Raw !  and almost never turn the image to Black and White in photoshop ,since I see it right away in B&W and shoot it as B&W!

“A sensible man will remember that the eyes may be confused in two ways – by a change from light to darkness or from darkness to light; and he will recognize that the same thing happens to the soul.” Plato

L1090355 copy

L1090379 copy

Talking about Truth or Consequences ..well there is a small Desert town I sneak into almost every year . It was named after an American television show originally hosted by Ralph Edwards .  A true little Desert town and what comes with it ! The lovely outdoor wonderland near the Rio Grande , Gila Forest , the most Fantastic mineral baths and The very Colorful people I have come to  know . The lighting is alive and colorful .

L1090423 copy

L1090443 copy

All images of this Blog are the bliss of  T or C , as we call it !

This is good site if you wish to learn about light , The simple way not my way!


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