Think of anything. Now try to imagine the world without it : Time

Last year around this time one morning I simply decided to drive to Cape Cod. I do love the Cape around this time of the year.


I’m spontaneous. I decide and I do !  It is crucial to my being the understanding of time , in order to feel freedom .And that morning I felt free , I felt I had no commitment to anything but to stay in the moment and be true to the passage of time,


The silence is always a treat at the Cape ! The silence is always a treat in Winter . The ground is filled with snow , the air is cold ..And there , is me and the moment . The moments where each step I take could feel like a thousand years to the past and the future . Those are the moments where I know how to make time stand and manoeuvre it where I wish. 


Do you think about these passing moments ..Do you ever think about the loss of the momentum when you wished you could devour it and make it stay. When you lose the moment where you know you could make it happen . You know it was in the palm of your hand . You know, you, had it! 


Today perhaps I may not see the same branch, the same gray sky , the same light..I’m glad I devoured the time when I had !


“Do you remember the lake?’ she said, in an abrupt voice, under the pressure of an emotion which caught her heart, made the muscles of her throat stiff, and contracted her lips in a spasm as she said ‘lake.’ For she was a child, throwing bread to the ducks, between her parents, and at the same time a grown woman coming to her parents who stood by the lake, holding her life in her arms which, as she neared them grew larger and larger in her arms until it became a whole life, a complete life, which she put down by them and said, ‘This is what I have made of it! This!’ And what had she made of it? What indeed? sitting there sewing this morning with Peter.” 
― Virginia WoolfMrs. Dalloway




3 thoughts on “Think of anything. Now try to imagine the world without it : Time

  1. Gosh – I love the candor of your voice – there are so many times I wish I could just sit and watch the ocean and feel the cool breeze…

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