A creative woman , a league of her own!

I’m creative ! I have now learned to admit it ! I think in the process of living this life I have proven to myself that I have lived not only a life of creating arts but indeed a life lived in such a way that only a creative person may understand ! I have lived hard times and joyful times equally the same way , simply by a creative intuition!  All you need is to pay attention to the world around! I did and I do . As a photographer and visual artist, some of my subjects are the ones many may don’t see or pay any attention .


I like shapes , lines , textures and light ..Light is important to me . I like the process of change. What it will become after my touch . Therefore I like to touch , I like to feel , to kiss , to embrace in metamorphosis ! Everything I zoom on has to be personal , meaningful to me, a piece of fabric , a branch or a bare branch , a person,  anything ..My subjects are a true reflection of me ..They speak huge volume about my thoughts and how I see the world..I use my lens , my words , my action only to define the world I see !

For certain creative women,
life is different.
it just is.
We can’t squeeze ( I do but it fits right , I love heels , I feel like a kitten in them ) our feet into high heels or play pretend at Tupperware parties.
We are here for a reason.
We were born with a fire in our bellies and a truth in our throat.
Holding hands with bears and ferns and wolves as we stumble and dance and twirl through this magical journey.
Connected to the luminous,
plugged into the golden,
holding on for dear life to our truths.
We are different and imperfect,
and through our cracks flows the most brilliant beams of hope
and resilience
and unfloundering gratitude.

Poem/words–via Satori




Maybe you are creative and you had no idea!


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