Breaking Bad ! Chancha via Circuito – José Larralde -Where Caspian meets Pacific!

Before I begin my Blog ! I will tell you Breaking Bad hits more than a few notes close to home but I wont go there today!

Can it get more surreal than this image : A desolated area where Caspian meets Pacific ! ( click on the images for enlargement)


IMG_4633 copy

You hear a song for the first time in your life and suddenly it brings a memory , a moment unforgettable in time! I was watching Breaking Bad season five last night and this song was hit in my head !  Today as I was preparing for my meeting on teaching ” creativity and indecisiveness ” I kept thinking about the emotion I got from listening to this very tune and watching Walter White burying his blood drug money!  A TOTAL MATCH! Play it !

Here is the tune :


But beyond the artistry of the production, this tune evoked a personal experience I had once in Salton Sea and made me feel terrified ! I must add , I don’t easily get terrified of much ! It was here at Salton Sea and I was there to begin my project !


IMG_4629 copy

Something always attracts me to desolate areas and for many years I wanted to do a project in Salton Sea ! I wasn’t interested so much in those melted homes in the lake , yes melted but more the residents , the ones that are left  and living a true surreal life .  They have now intrigued me for years!





So indeed I drove to Salton Sea  again and this time I wanted to stay longer ! You may have seen the movie  ( with Val Kilmer ) but most people haven’t a clue where this place actually is or perhaps even heard the name ! Its stories , its ghost towns , its empty streets filled with the spirits of what it was , more than a few runaways and its Apocalyptic allure  have called my name again and again.. Remember nobody vacations to Salton Sea where it was once The Riviera of Southern Ca!


IMG_4624 copy   IMG_4630 copy     IMG_4640 copy



So where is this place : The Salton Sea is a shallow Lake located directly on the San Andrea Faults predominantly in between California’s Imperial and Coachella Valleys.




Due to the high salinity and the New river, very few fish species can tolerate living in the Salton Sea. Tilapia are virtually the only fish that can tolerate the high salinity levels and pollution. And for miles and miles you walk over the dead fish by the lake..

IMG_4639 copy


One afternoon I was minding my own business and walking around this surreal dry-land..

IMG_4636 copy


So this song brought this memory ! One of the most terrifying times I have experienced.

A car approached me but then passed by me..Three men were in the car and each gave me a long look .  They looked like of Mexican descent and wearing Ranchero hats  (  Salton Sea is close to the Mexican border , near Mexicali ) ..They got close to the water . They got out of the car . They kept waiting .. And continued starring at me. I had this uneasy feeling they wanted me to leave and they simply wanted me to get back in my car and disappear ! So I, immediately waved ( like an idiot but I felt they would like that ) and walked back to my car!  It was one of the longest walk I have ever felt!  My back  to them , in a desolate area !  My gut feeling told me , you are in the wrong place , wrong time and wrong people!  But I got to my car,  locked the doors and drove ..You must understand nobody wants their pictures taken at Salton Sea . But I took a shot when I got as far as possible ! Perhaps it was the wrong move ..I don’t know but I felt terrified and very stupid from my own last move ..But I took the shot ! and they saw it !

Perhaps in those barrels they threw in the lake was nothing but some damn garbage !  But I have been doing this for a long time and if I repeat this in my head and if it comes to me automatically ” Oh , fuck , fuck , fuck ” ..then something is up ! I don’t know but the point is the song! and what it did to me! Oh , those uneasy feelings !

One of those moments in a lifetime when you just know you are in the wrong place , wrong time and certainly in the company of wrong people!


IMG_4631 copy


… But I ‘ll be back to finish it ,I don’t like unfinished projects!


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