Fistral Bay !

I was not on Fistral Bay ! I was not even with a so called model I had wished to see, but that’s a common thing in the life of a photographer..If It wasn’t for others in my company I would even tell her to turn around and walk back to her vehicle ! But that would be a mistake since these three things kept her! Her hair , my peeps and indeed the majestic sea.The Ocean is so majestic that I could feel my imagination RUMBLING big ! And that matter most to me ! She was nothing more than a tad close to mediocre and that didnt matter to me either because I made her fit to what was bigger than her and bigger than me ..Image

Inspired by George Barker’s poem  , I kept shooting..Image

The poem is about Fistral bay but I was at Yirrell Bay  , a sea in between..They are only in one way very similar! Fistral Beach is best known for surfing. Its west-facing aspect exposes it to Atlantic swells ensuring consistent waves suitable for surfing. 


written by George Barker from Rare Book published 1935 ( first publication) – poem written 1927


Yirell is almost so unknown . Its a Mecca of silence . One barely ever sees more than 20 people per day crossing it. Even on its busy summer days the main beach may cater only to 200 max laying on a its part of Sandy stretch.



A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.





2 thoughts on “Fistral Bay !

  1. Much better with the story and text – brilliant. Sometimes the challenge is to work with the hand that is dealt. The fact she was disinterested worked well with my shots, especially with the Waiting series: of course she was not nude for that. Considering that I was there more to work with the light and the beach she was almost not a consideration. I say we learn and move on.

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