what else can you do ?

As she walked into my studio to be photographed , I immediately knew my assistant has made the wrong choice by hiring someone like her !

She was indeed tall , as tall as a small ladder.  And she had the perfect size to look good in the clothes picked for the shoot. Her face to the general audience would be considered as pretty. She didn’t have the best mouth and teeth but they could have been fixed in photoshop. What she lacked was a presence ! She lacked it ! It felt she didn’t exist. It felt if I put these clothes on her she would only pass as a dead spider with real skinny legs . I wanted someone a tad less than the clothes, only a tad less than the personality of the designer clothes waiting to shine, never mind I needed a paycheck too ! But she was only good for something mediocre otherwise the clothes we had in the studio would eat her alive..I wasn’t looking for Versushka , no one is Verushka! But I wanted something else ! I wanted a happier face ..One that would complete my shoot! She wasn’t happy!

I photographed her but not in the same shoot !





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