I like Leonardo DiCaprio’s mind and his talent!

I will begin by posting a few of my images since nature indeed is my first life giving force ..


Indeed we could do as little as possible as recycling , using the right light bulb … But more importantly we need to put pressure on our politicians and corporate big shots to do the right thing in order to save this kind of beauty , ourselves and everything else involved !


Good morning ! Over the years this man has become one of my favourite American actors in movies such as ” who’s eating Gilbert Grape” ..” Romeo and Juliet ” ..A true favorite , ” Revolutionary Road ” . AND now also a favourite celeb activist who not only put his money to the causes he believes in but he is there in person and in his soul…



Leo has done true good for our Oceans and more . Here is his last speech at the UN. I have followed his causes for the last 6 years . ( a huge advocate for sharks )..



” Ladies and Gentlemen , politicians ..I pretend these characters for a living …but you , politicians should not ” ‪#‎leonardodicaprio‬






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