Why waiting!

Why to wait
for a rebirth?
Isn’t this life so wondrous?
Why waiting for someone
to discover light
and to love
I have seen the Eagles fly
and spread its wings
I have held a Hawk in my small hands
nourished from the age of anxiety
I have seen wars fought
but why wait to make Peace
why wait for
rebirth of wonder
Why wait
for the Grapes of Wrath to be stored
and I am waiting
for god to show its face
for Noah to open its road
My roads are open
why wait for the stranger’s validation
And all who in waiting seems to be waiting for
 their number to be called
Gray hair and wrinkled
But I’m not waiting
I came here through this tunnel of life
to reclaim what is mine
to give back the earth
I know the meek with inherit
 I came here
 to spread these wings
without harming me or anyone
I’m flying and will go far
its my calling , being born
I will fly over
 the storms of life
In my dream of innocence
of immortality
in recollecting my childhood
all alive
and not in waiting!
L1020212 copy

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