why does it have to be always sexual?

Are people that suppressed and pressured to pay such attention only to sexual topics??

Can we talk about plants , mountains , salty sea , wind , rocks ..Why do we forget , mother earth is crying ? Why do we neglect our mother?


“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”
— Edward Abbey

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“Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees.”
— Karle Wilson Baker

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“In the depth of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.”
— Albert Camus

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“To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie
True Poems flee”
— Emily Dickinson

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Tea Time chez moi!

Teatime , quiet time at home ..with splashes of last light on a Sat in 2014, November..

Space is meaningful to me ..And I’m responsible to create my own atmosphere!







My whole being is conceptual!

A few weeks ago in a coffee shop on Newbury St, I caught an elegant man, a total stranger, starring at me. I gave him a smile and went on sipping on my coffee ..His eyes looked me with a different type of gaze. There was something kind and even fatherly in his eyes. His eyes although admiring a younger woman but had a keen surprise. An admiration from the past ..A pureness of a simple sweet thought.Then the woman next to him, later realized his wife, was also looking at me.  And then they began whispering and shaking their heads. I clearly felt it was about me. I knew it was something kind..It felt that way anyway . As they were leaving the coffeeshop, they stopped by my table and said ” you look like Elizabeth Taylor ” !

Throughout my life , my mom’s and one of my aunts, we have heard this many times. But with this couple it was a little different , they were in LA at the opening of ” Cat on a hot thin roof” in 1958 and waited to see Taylor.



The couple were perhaps both over the age of 75 ..Here visiting their newly divorced son ..The woman was Polish and had just arrived to Los Angeles in 1957 , seeing Elizabeth in flesh was a big event in her life..

They told me, I’m beautiful  ..She kept pointing at my eyes ..This time , I wanted to melt in my chair! They almost rescued me since I was not having a ” pretty ” feeling day!

If you knew me well you would know that everything in my life is conceptual that includes my face ! I’m perhaps one of the most low maintenance woman you would ever meet in your life . How I feel about physical beauty in words : It will fade eventually!

Just ask my mother and sister and they will tell you tales of my feelings/ my looks  from Punk Rocker to shaved eye brows..different days , different experiment! .There are days I could look like a movie star and then there are those days I could pass easily for a vagabond of the sea !  AND Just because ..

Banafsheh, layer by layer:


I will be lying if I say I don’t enjoy a compliment or two..Only a fool doesn’t! But again my idea of my face and beauty is conceptual ..A relationship to my past and to my present ..Beauty is not what women project to other women on how they wished to look like. Beauty is certainly not what men want to see ..Beauty is only when one decides to be themselves..As simple as that!

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I have a true affinity for Miss Taylor ! Her kindness , her directness..

I have dedicated many blogs and a board on Pinterest to her ..It is indeed the least I can do to celebrate the life of a true Dame. The Kaftan I’m wearing is also an item of Miss Taylor that I have purchased in an auction. Images are for the book of Style ” In closet with Banafsheh” .