Somebody thought of me and thanked me !

I’m pretty familiar with my own creative energy. I’m familiar with the facts that I truly don’t live and don’t think like majority of people do..And I cherish it ! I already know when someone wants to discredit it and where they are heading , frankly in their own little dark hole! And once in while there are the ones who see it as what is and they take the ride , because I spread my wings so wide for them where they will easily fit! Thanks for understanding my efforts!
 So she writes  :
22ND DEC 2014 , she writes:
A year ago I undertook an artistic journey which I am now so happy for having taken. Last December I met a very important person to me, which I’m graceful to have met. Thanks to her I’ve grown as a photographer. Banafsheh!!! You are my teacher in photography, you’re the woman who push me to be better in my art. You’re the one that gives me encouragement of faith in all that I have afraid to do.

 Banafsheh without you I would not have a photography studio and clearly without you I wouldn’t have set my first photography show.

 Banafsheh if it wasn’t for you I would have never have gotten into the sea to watch the sunset on a summer afternoon. Our friendship goes beyond the professional aspect, you became my confidant during my love story with Cheeky. You opened my eyes to other kind of people in this world, while giving me your love and adventure stories you pushed me towards my dream. You with your pencil men and I with mine … You taught me never to be quiet when you have something to say. Cruelty towards the animals should not exist and is something that only the ignorant wouldn’t understand. Your house is a beautiful labyrinth, is the kind of house that should become a museum someday. No words to thank you for trusting me for your personal project in 2014-2015.

In 2015 will be a great year for both … a lot more joy and more photography sessions!!!



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