I would like to end my first full year dedication to my blogs with a BIG BANG! I did it ! I wrote on two different blog sites regularly ! About 6-8 blogs monthly per site and it wasn’t easy! I will continue to write more and pay more attention to where I wanted to be in 2015!

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When I wrote this last night it was less than 24 hours to year 2015. I don’t really believe in a NY resolution, I think every minute when we make that choice and that decision to change is a new minute of our life ..I also don’t believe in this word ” ready ” ..I think the word ” ready ” brings at times doubts, and with doubts the moments are gone ..And guess what , I know some say ” it’s never too late for anything ” but come on , who are we kidding!! But to each it’s own , right ? We all think different , we see different , we feel different but at the end we all end up in the same place , we get old ( if random allows ) and then we die ! How about these thoughts ,.Lets begin the year with few thoughts and try to stick to it . How about setting aside time to have fun and relax..Serious fun and laughter weekly ..How about if you learn to meditate and teach yourself not to overthink ..How about to see your precious life is worth living because you are good enough to know u are worthy . Take yourself less serious but take the ones who love you more serious..How about if you have hopes and dreams, take them serious …How about when you wake up everyday , you check all , and all is intact , you are healthy and are able to do anything you want ..I believe the only ones who can’t change are the ones who have let the damage take over like a deadly Cancer , a thick thick cloud..And remember somebody out there really does love you and is always willing to help , don’t waste time being others , concentrate on those who truly dig you .


Past fours years of my life have been simply a strange ride. I lost two close friends , one to suicide and the other to a liver failure ..I have lost pets who were extremely dear to me ..I took leaps on new and old emotions , some I took upon and some I finally decided to let go ..I was disappointed a lot ..But in all of this I learned a few major understandings about myself and people and animals around me, the ones who are gone and the ones who died!

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I began to see myself in different lights . I began to see and regain what I have been about ..I finally began to see the randomness of everything , life and death ! I began to enjoy the joy of me again..What I was really made of that was lost in the interim of caring for others and indeed important at the time, because in my opinion all I took upon myself was important, why, because the universe wanted me to ride it…

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I must admit due to my profession for the last 13 years , I ‘m surrounded with amazing people. Joy is never far from me and the ones who disappointed me, easily most became meaningless to me even to the point of non-existence because they basically only existed for themselves ! And after all I have had so far an amazing life , filled with stories, worthy of a book ! Tales unbelievable even to myself! Its the work of the universe, strength , belief and hoping for more..


In 2015 , I will recruit powerful people in my life ( in their support ) , trustworthy people ( in their truth ) , caring ( for all beings ) personal board members ! Because I’m AGAIN filled with new plans and I know good people will hold me in my path.


My dad used to say : ” after one turns 30 , it seems things move faster , learn to take it slow “. This past four years have taught me to exercise that! I learned to stop time!

A friend posted ” how does one change? ” My answer was ”  by changing things that are a part of you “.  As we get older , we hope to become wiser and by becoming wiser we hope to live a more fulfilled life , right? But most people get stuck doing the same old routines that they have known best , because change can be a scary place! They rather be unhappy but in their comfort zone. Change doesn’t have to be drastic and sudden ..I have learned to do it slowly ! As a matter of my fact , it’s more enjoyable ..For instance you will be amazed how different you may feel when you change your food intake ..I’m full blown vegetarian at this point and it began slowly many years ago! In the path of this change, I changed ..I changed in so many ways..Your changes are surprising to people who have known you for a long time but if they are true , then they will understand the goodness upon you..They will..so begin with little things that are a part of you , those little things can move mountains for you later…

Happy New year ..I know it will be a good year ..I just know ! Do you know why , because every year as long as one doesn’t lose a child then the rest is normal! C’est la vie ..life goes on and with we gain even in the times of losses , we learn and we should do it better!

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