A little on Sherwood Anderson and Love !

“Love is like a wind stirring the grass beneath trees on a black night”


‘You must not try to make love definite. It is the divine accident of life ‘


Image my own..

If you try to be definite and sure about it and to live beneath the trees, where soft night winds blow, the long hot day of disappointment comes swiftly and the gritty dust from passing wagons gathers upon lips inflamed and made tender by kisses.” 

Image my own ..On my way to Taos!

Image my own ..On my way to Taos!

And I love Anderson..who has influenced so many amazing writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Salinger and William Faulkner!



Tennessee Williams!

( From my journals Dec.19th 2012 , Keywest )

I don’t consider myself a writer..But I’m poetic enough and have balls of fire to think I can write as I feel . Tonight, passed by Tennessee Williams house here in KeyWest.. I will leave you with this quote then off for a swim and perhaps coming back to my blog ..

” If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. ”

Tennessee Williams


Tennesse Williams house, KeyWest

Believing in law of Attraction , I looked for the house ! Unknown to many unless Williams hard core fans ! In a twisted fate I got invited in by the current owners and later bought his ashtrays ..

I took this shot of T. Williams at his house ( KeyWest) , where he lived for nearly 30 years ..It was a photo taken from the original print found in a box in the closet . The shot is taken in the yard and I was told he was chatting with Elizabeth Taylor whom he adored mad !


” The strongest influences in my life and my work are always whomever I love. Whomever I love and am with most of the time, or whomever I remember most vividly. I think that’s true of everyone, don’t you? ”
Tennessee Williams

Life in THE butter scene! “Last Tango in Paris “

I originally wrote this with the movie ” Fifty Shades of Grey ” in mind! But it seems in my current thoughts this is turning into a blog on the ” Last Tango in Paris “. I need to mention since I have not seen the movie nor read the book ( FSG) then my apologies up front to the fans of  the ” Last Tango in Paris “, to put the two in the same content! I think LSP  is a masterpiece!

Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris (1972) revolves around the spontaneous sexual chemistry between a bitter middle-aged American widower and a naive French girl about to be married. They are drawn into an entirely physical relationship, some of it involving butter, after a chance meeting in an empty Paris apartment. They know nothing about each other, not even their names. The man was played by one of the most famous and admired actors in the world, Marlon Brando. The woman, Maria Schneider, was completely unknown. For better or worse, it was the role with which Schneider, who has died of cancer aged 58, would always be associated.


Here is what I wrote this morning:

Good morning ! I Read a blog this morning by my friend writer and blogger Laura Marjorie Miller about the movie ” Fifty Shades of Grey ” ! Her post is enchanting and it made me think ! I’m glad she has observed that women are more interested in this movie and book than men are !


One of my very favourite top five movies is “Last tango in Paris “.  Indeed due to my age I didn’t see it when it came out but I know it made this big splash in the 70’s. Since then I have watched it 29 times and own it!

I’m in love with Bernardo Bertolucci ( brilliant ) ! Grimaldi , Stroraro ( cinematographer ) , Marlon Brando..  Brando confessed in his autobiography, “To this day I can’t say what Last Tango In Paris was about” and added the film “required me to do a lot of emotional arm wrestling with myself, and when it was finished, I decided that I wasn’t ever again going to destroy myself emotionally to make a movie. I felt I had violated my innermost self and I didn’t want to suffer like that anymore … You can’t fake it.”


And of course my uncanny resemblance with Maria Schneider, then  ! I have been told and a few times I was stopped by strangers in Paris . I used to have hair exactly as Jeanne in the movie! Sadly Schneider has passed away due to the complication of Cancer -1952-2011..According to the critic Roger Ebert: “Maria Schneider doesn’t seem to act her role so much as to exude it. On the basis of this movie, indeed, it’s impossible to really say whether she can act or not. That’s not her fault. Bertolucci directs her that way. He wants a character who ultimately does not quite understand the situation she finds herself in.”


AND my favourite soundtrack of all time with Gato Barbieri ( One of my favorite jazz tenor and saxophonist from Argentina ) ..This sound ALWAYS brings me into tears! it always reminds of the sorrow of Brando in the movie!

To this day , I feel most people didn’t GET the movie! The movie to me is not about erotic sex ! To me the movie is not about the butter scene! But the sadness and loneliness of the character of M. Brando, a middle aged man avoiding love but being entangled with a full stranger erotically trying to avoid love, then falling in love and being deceived by death twice ! To me LTIP is about love , loss , loneliness , doubts , finding love , loosing love, deceive..


The review, which ran for 3,500 words over several pages, had the desired effect for Last Tango In Paris! Everyone was talking about Last Tango in Paris: There was a photo spread of Brando and Schneider at carnal play – her naked, him not so much – in Playboy magazine, both Time and Newsweek ran cover stories on the film and, in an unprecedented marketing ploy, United Artists ran Kael’s entire review in a two-page ad in The New York Times. By the time January rolled around, with the movie finally scheduled to meet the public (it would open a month later in the rest of the United States and Canada), you were more likely to find someone who admitted to supporting Richard Nixon than who hadn’t heard of Last Tango.

“And the sex? Good question. Possibly the least interesting thing about Last Tango today is what made it so shocking once upon a time, which says a lot about how quickly sexual controversy expires compared to any other form of outrage. Today’s eye will spot the simulated nature of the various acts way more quickly than back then, when persistent rumours flew that they were really doing it.”

But I thought the mainstream is over the butter scene!!!!?

Last Tango 4

Anyway back to my thoughts and why I began this blog !? My question was why women are more interested to see Fifty Shades of Grey which made $30 million , opening night..And Again I have not read or seen it yet as of yet..I have a problem with the cast. The main characters don’t cut it for me but maybe Netflix it later.. I find them both , boring! There don’t have umph!

Thanks Laura . Your blog intrigued me to think it !

The only reason I compare the two, it was the mistaken Erotica in LTIP and the erotically bored society ! And the ones who are still seeing butter as butter!

Stormy day from my journal December 27th , 2011 ! (Rimbaud)

Now it feels writing blogs are a bit easy since I have years of notes and images ! I daily miss Juna ! I do …Life at times is easy when you love and your loved ones are by your side!

It ‘s this Storm…The wind is whispering all around.. and I love Rimbaud..

I have come to know the skies splitting with lightnings, and the waterspouts

And the breakers and currents; I know the evening,

And Dawn rising up like a flock of doves,

And sometimes I have seen what men have imagined they saw!

I have seen the low-hanging sun speckled with mystic horrors.

Lighting up long violet coagulations,

Like the performers in very-antique dramas

Waves rolling back into the distances their shiverings of venetian blinds!

I have dreamed of the green night of the dazzled snows

The kiss rising slowly to the eyes of the seas,

The circulation of undreamed-of saps,

And the yellow-blue awakenings of singing phosphorus!

I have followed, for whole months on end, the swells

Battering the reefs like hysterical herds of cows,

Never dreaming that the luminous feet of the Marys

Could force back the muzzles of snorting Oceans!

I have struck, do you realize, incredible Floridas

Where mingle with flowers the eyes of panthers

In human skins! Rainbows stretched like bridles

Under the seas’ horizon, to glaucous herds!

I have seen the enormous swamps seething, traps

Where a whole leviathan rots in the reeds!

Downfalls of waters in the midst of the calm

And distances cataracting down into abysses!

I have seen…and seen it with you..My sweet Juna! ( Still remember your head on my lap)


Looking back !

I wrote this on :

“Good morning..heading out to my new favourite coffeeshop ( she is now closed , honestly because although a nice person, with the support she received from the community, I even gave her three days of volunteering to re-organize, she turned out to be an idiot! ) ! 2011 was perhaps the most twisted year of my life. Emotionally heavy and but at times so amazing and easy like liquid…it felt I had fully experienced what life had for me secretly in some a bucket..A stranger held my hand this year and said..”stay present no matter what! No matter what ” she was right!..I have ..it always works ! It does my friends..”

And this year 2015, I went to the same spot where the stranger held my hand !I wanted her to know , it worked! Gratitude !

The town of Ojai , CA




Time flies! February 1-2015!

Missed the first one this year ! The blizzard of 2015 ! I was happy where I was ! Under Palm trees surrounded by warmth and love ..Away for almost a month and then caught the next one ! Somehow as always I had missed my life no doubt ! The cats , the aroma of my home , the sweet light that indeed spreads all over, my vinyls, my artwork.. ..It was hard to leave Southern California but in reality it wasn’t either! I cleared my head , one of the reason why I left for the amount of time needed..I needed to clear some space in my head and in my heart ! And I believe I succeeded !


Life can be something I tell you! But we all know that anyway! Two days ago I was in 75degree enjoying myself in a pool filled with hot mineral water and today this!


But you gotta make the best out of it all! Took me about 5 minutes to get to my garage to get some wood out for the fireplace!


Got some Proseco chilled. And made some bean and cheese tortilla… And yes I went out for a nice walk too if nice is the word..well it was refreshing, I guess..and even tried to shovel..


So indeed life is ever changing! And I like the feel of change ..Sometimes whether you want it or not it will change on its own ..I will run with it!