Time flies! February 1-2015!

Missed the first one this year ! The blizzard of 2015 ! I was happy where I was ! Under Palm trees surrounded by warmth and love ..Away for almost a month and then caught the next one ! Somehow as always I had missed my life no doubt ! The cats , the aroma of my home , the sweet light that indeed spreads all over, my vinyls, my artwork.. ..It was hard to leave Southern California but in reality it wasn’t either! I cleared my head , one of the reason why I left for the amount of time needed..I needed to clear some space in my head and in my heart ! And I believe I succeeded !


Life can be something I tell you! But we all know that anyway! Two days ago I was in 75degree enjoying myself in a pool filled with hot mineral water and today this!


But you gotta make the best out of it all! Took me about 5 minutes to get to my garage to get some wood out for the fireplace!


Got some Proseco chilled. And made some bean and cheese tortilla… And yes I went out for a nice walk too if nice is the word..well it was refreshing, I guess..and even tried to shovel..


So indeed life is ever changing! And I like the feel of change ..Sometimes whether you want it or not it will change on its own ..I will run with it!



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