Persian New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL who celebrate Norooz ! I wrote this on the 21th of March 2015!

I wanted to be out in nature and be surrounded by the sea , the gulls and the salty air …I ordered a glamorous Pizza, brought in some firewoods and set out to the sea ! Yes I did put my blinders on because after all it is Spring but my garden is still underground with Ice and Snow..and then it began snowing even harder..But I’m tough girl , I mean for love sakes I surf and dive in this weather, then I suddenly got really homesick and thought of the ones I love who are far away ! My mom, my time in Iran almost two years ago around new year , the smell of the earth in Spring in Tehran , the aroma of the bazaar , the colorful sound of Haji Firooz and I thought of Aazan of Rashed ( prayers before Saleh Tahveel ( When winter turns into spring) and they blast it all over Iran ! In all my beloved father came to mind who used to blast it in our house where we sat for tea, Pastries and when we would open Hafiz to know our fortune by the was our tradition , my father was traditional man , not religious but traditional , he was like the father in “The Fiddler on The Roof ” ( one of his favorites) ..I thought of my sister and her husband , the adult kids of my sister ! This afternoon I ran into Royce’s ( my sweet cat ) hospital bills before he passed away..And then I broke down In my car and began to cry ! Just sat there for a few minutes, stared at the snowing sky and cried ! But continued ! I went to the sea and ask the sea to lift my spirit and It did ! I began shooting ..I talked to one of my favorite birds , The Gull..I asked to be strong like a gull ..then I thought of my favorite tree and I said , in this weather I would have ” snow falling on cedar ” like Kyoto ..I drove to my tree …and then in this small town I ran into George , lol ..The only car out in the snow ..he said ” what the hell are you doing here? ” I said ” well I have this tree I love , you are looking at it ” we chatted and he saw the tree too..we took some pictures ..not to mention George is a fabulous photographer but not as fabulous as me !!!! Yes , it is cold and it snowed ..and yes , I’m fed up with it too..but I’m looking forward to have new year filled with newness ! I feel it!

I’m looking forward to have another quiet evening by the fire and eat a few slices of Pizza..I’m happy because simple is good!
PS : O , yeah I fell on my behind on Ice ( I’m fine ) ..

And I think the images are sweet for my ” time squared ” series..
George , BTW , that’s your car above the gull I just noticed !!!


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