Falling in Love!

How many people do you know they keep compromising in their relationships ? How many do you know all they talk about is  ” relationships ARE about compromising” ! I personally am so tired of this word : compromised !

At times I feel I’m dealing with a nation of compromised and not truly loved ! I mean if there is love , then compromise wont exist! There is no need to compromise since love simply will provide those feelings where two people ” would be glad to make each other happy ” ? No?  And if there is love then there wont be any demands, right?  I mean people in love don’t beg each other? right?There is no need to ? right? There will be mutual understanding , correct ? Am I being unrealistic in this imperfect world of the comprised!  Is it the reasons why so many couples are unhappy ? Divorces ? Eternal singles? Have we become so doubtful and compromised that barely anyone I know is ” in love ” ?

I always believed I rather die hoping that I will fall in love someday than live a life of simple compromises! Argh!

“If you love someone but rarely make yourself available to him or her , that is not true love ” .

Thich NhatHanh



I’ m beginning to think nobody loves like I love !! I’m beginning to think I’m from the tribe of the doomed!


To love me and make this love truly yours is indeed to understand me ! I don’t take love lightly ..When you say you love me , you have to mean it , stand by me ! and stand by what you say or I don’t believe it!

Because when I love ..I love hard and heavy!



I mean don’t wish you could have a love as powerful as this : 1011773_730507370315467_1984756234_n

#20feetfromstardom , #documentary  ” I thought if I gave my heart to anything , only my heart ..then I would be a star to anything and to anyone “..



I won’t let anyone drag me to their level or lower !  Loving is powerful perhaps the mediocre have no understanding of it ! AND If I’m not like them then nobody is me !

Voila , end of story! and Zero compromised ! Only love ..thats all !

PS: Images are all mine on this page.


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