Driving without destination..

I drove and drove and finally arrived to God’s country..I found a place to put my head down ..I drove in between prairies , in between moss trees similar to those tall trees in Georgia..Driving in the dark , the trees of the south become almost mystical . I felt like I was travelling in a long stretch of The Bonaventure cemetary in Savannah .. I’m alone..I need to get familiar with this place. I can’t wait to see it in the morning… Truly I don’t know where I’m ! Maybe I drove a little farther, maybe I am in Georgia! Maybe it doesn’t matter! I prefer that!

11057339_10153338307923969_7926185673210373583_n 10360466_10153338307798969_5204265020656026573_n 10404274_10153338307693969_307076427478439108_n 11188275_10153338308133969_3867882576416412322_n 11113413_10153338307598969_6745027439708994996_n 11041566_10153338307478969_2546649399603066090_n


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