Shots of The Desert!

My notes from January 29th 2015

A few shots from the desert..if you wish to know how I take these..One of the most important components of photography and cinematography is composition. I take some with a Leica digital , canon film or digital , Mamiya digital or film..and indeed some with my phone or iPad, toy cameras ..It doesn’t matter to some extent if u got a good eye..( u deal with whats available ) , Then I take my images either to an analogue darkroom or digital darkroom called photoshop or aps if I wish. None of these images are manipulated beyond what I used to do in the analogue darkroom..I only correct exposure and may add a filter or two or three…It is what I used to do with glass filters in my darkroom. I don’t go beyond that; such as layering, copy and pasting…And if any artists does that without looking cheesy , more power to them , that’s their thoughts and story ! Hope u enjoy






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