Things I collect !

Last week I watched this wonderful movie ! The main character collected things in order to remember the place he had been ! When someday I die, I wonder what those people, the ones  who would come to clean may think of me when they find these weeds , flowers , insects , old poems ..

All of these came from a place from my heart ..Would they think of me as a hopeless romantic ? Would they think of me as a hoarder of strange !

Does it really matter at that point?

Dandelions , I think these are beautiful …They have little messengers on them .( Collected these from mt.Washington Valley , spring of 2011)

I photograph them from time to time ..In my hair , on my heart!

1098052_614136931952512_1068649838_n 1098052_614136925285846_1471804833_n 1098052_614136921952513_1974326275_n1098052_614136935285845_1315189272_n


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