I got an eye for you !

I have always loved #succulents . And in the last 4/5 years my love has turned into a major fascination with #cacti.I grow them indoor due to the climate I live in ! Someday I will become a constant #gardener of cacti but outdoor! I find them fascinating ! I connect with them mentally and physically ! We are in so many ways very similar! #gardening is my true passion !

11377278_10153410582783969_2914174370159183378_n 10494639_10153410582738969_7952581551662685818_n 10984095_10153410582638969_9043611178033097758_n 11008641_10153410582578969_7662837318368436205_n 19485_10153410582538969_743697102009024385_n 11265428_10153410582508969_4088252248791057654_n 11351201_10153410582478969_5758927449094017576_n11143179_10153407222528969_9184175123043437646_n


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