Will they be interested?

This isn’t self fulfilling prophecy ! It is NOT ! This is just my concern ! When I was between the age 13-18 I was interested in the world’s affair . I was interested in all ! I was interested in politics of my environment ..The health of my environment . The major facing issues of the society I loved and lived in ! I could recite parts of The Manifesto and indeed The Koran by heart ! I understood and read The Bible ! I had friends from different races – different religions – different backgrounds ( you may call it class ) – I knew of so called ” commoners ” and ” royals ” , it didn’t matter to me then and now ! I had read Iliad-Odessey . I collected garbage then from the sea- from the rivers ! I DISLIKED bullies and ask anyone who knew me then , what length I would go to protect the victims ! I had read The book of Aristotle! I knew of the lives of ants -bees and other animals etc..I was proud to know good people and wanted to be one of those people when I grow up .. The Pope today called on earth and said ” the earth is turning into filth ” ! AMEN , HE IS SADLY CORRECT ! It made me cry when I read it . At times I feel the future generation are going to let it all go ! I feel why am I too sensitive ! Although I feel lucky to know many who do care but yet I feel at times that percentage is small ..Please tell me I ‘m wrong ! Tell me people DO TRULY , truly CARE ! They will put effort to change laws – to change our world for a better place . A breathing place , not filled with filth ! Tell me our next generation is aware ! More aware than knowing the mediocrity that it’s rubbed on their faces ! Tell me the next generation will be strong enough to handle and change the filth they will be facing! Tell me they read , they dig , they are interested !

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A bowl of Cherries!

life is a bowl of cherries to me ! These days I sadly know what I get in each and that is if I have paid $$ then each cherry will taste heavenly ! But on Father’s Day and I won’t discuss the price of Cherries per pound!

Back to cherries ! Cherries remind me of home ! They are my VERY favorites of all fruits ! They are those trees I use to climb high simply to get the very red ones before the birds knock them ! They are always the colors on our summer table when mom used to say ” enough, you are going to burst ” and dad used to say ” you will have stomach issue all day ” and I never did ! I could eat bags of cherries in one day , no joke ! Dad used to always say , ” cherry season is here !” Talking about my dad. Some of you who do cherish your father like I do are lucky ! Some of you who grew up with an amazing step father , you are luckier ! And the ones who had no father or father figure around are perhaps know a few more wisdoms about life than the rest of us !

Also since I’m celebrating the lives of good men , kudos to all of those who are also loving men to animals and their adopted pets ..

And what are chances in life , the driveway to my house looks like the gates of heaven – cherry blossoms in Spring and cherries in the summer !

PS: I leave the cherries of my garden trees to the birds and the squirrels !


Man’s best friend!


My friend is loyal and eager to please
I’d sit in my chair, his head on my knees
I’d stroke his back and pat him on the side
The things he would do filled my heart with pride
He watched my house and my family too
He was always there to look over you
Never my house did I have to lock
A bark and a growl at the very first knock

Unconditional love is what he gave to me
From the look in his eye it was all you could see
Sometimes I’d yell “be quiet, lay down”
He’d lay in the corner and not make a sound
As he grew old and couldn’t get around
I forgot how he’d greet me with a leap and a bound

Soon came the time he could no longer stand on his own
I picked him up and carried him to see God’s home
On the way there I remembered all the good years
I looked at my friend through all of my tears

I told him I loved him
Soon the pain would be gone
I did the hardest thing
I ever have done

I went the last mile
I was there to the end
I know now why they called him
“Man’s Best Friend”

In Loving Memory of BRUTUS
Our Protector – Our Friend
October 31, 1983 – May 15,1996

Author: Timothy P Vreeland

Elegance !


Decipher the beautiful
Woven with simplicity
To create the
Most elegant taffeta
Striking hues
And softer feel
Silken moments
Souls glide merrily
Enchanting tales
Laced with yearnings
Shimmering covers
Overzealous hearts
Lustrous symphony
Of rhythmic hearts

Blue !

Blue is the wall against a Yucca !

Blue is the sea !

Blue is the sky!

Blue is that cold water I drink on hot days!

Blue is the paint when my sister and I used to paint together!

Blue is the marbles I played when I was 11!

Blue is the sound of the waves!

Blue is the Blues!

Blue  is color of my room when I was 15!

Blue is the color of the tiny pool near the magnolias in the house I grew up!

Blue is the color of Iran!

Blue is the color of New Mexico !

Blue is beautiful!

Blue is my color!

I like wearing Blue!