I plant my little hands and they grow..

‪#‎Myorganiclife‬ ! This is about ‪#‎gardening‬ ‪#‎houseofspirits‬! My ‪#‎garden‬ is pretty large and I do it all, from planting , growing , mowing , pruning etc and only twice a year I will have someone with a truck to clear ! I have decided to care for my garden due to the love of plants/earth and also most gardeners I have had in the past are mainly into clearing/cutting and making things to look too manicured ! I’m not into those manicured “looks” ! I like it green , semi-wild and indeed organized! Most people, even some close friends haven’t any idea that I have been growing everything I eat and more! I dry and freeze everything I grow all the way into winter ! I make fruit/Leaf teas fusions ( I have grown two kinds of berries and I have two large Cherry trees-here before me) ! My newest version is Hydrangea tea-leaf! Some come and mention, ” u gotta prune this or that !” Or get rid of this or that and of course I don’t ! I l’m the best judge of the plants in my garden and I HATE to cut a live plant just because its not doing well! Here is an example, two friends mentioned four years ago to cut this shrub next to the back door! I didn’t! I pruned the branches ! And now for the last two years Just look at it ! These are taken today ! About an hour ago! On a rainy day ! They have bloomed again and it continues all the way into August! And I enjoy them while washing dishes! Those are Lavender coloured weeds! I cut them and give them water!

Ps : that little man ! Yeah , he is from Ecuador and if one gives this tiny man one cigarette a month , he will smoke it for you and in each puffffff , he will talk to the spirits for your wishes to come true!

11428727_10153478279373969_6369434533382559769_n 11407212_10153478279073969_1380407172728354850_n 11427787_10153478278873969_985771453560284276_n 13362_10153478278783969_153398959888657637_n


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