A bowl of Cherries!

life is a bowl of cherries to me ! These days I sadly know what I get in each and that is if I have paid $$ then each cherry will taste heavenly ! But on Father’s Day and I won’t discuss the price of Cherries per pound!

Back to cherries ! Cherries remind me of home ! They are my VERY favorites of all fruits ! They are those trees I use to climb high simply to get the very red ones before the birds knock them ! They are always the colors on our summer table when mom used to say ” enough, you are going to burst ” and dad used to say ” you will have stomach issue all day ” and I never did ! I could eat bags of cherries in one day , no joke ! Dad used to always say , ” cherry season is here !” Talking about my dad. Some of you who do cherish your father like I do are lucky ! Some of you who grew up with an amazing step father , you are luckier ! And the ones who had no father or father figure around are perhaps know a few more wisdoms about life than the rest of us !

Also since I’m celebrating the lives of good men , kudos to all of those who are also loving men to animals and their adopted pets ..

And what are chances in life , the driveway to my house looks like the gates of heaven – cherry blossoms in Spring and cherries in the summer !

PS: I leave the cherries of my garden trees to the birds and the squirrels !



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