Will they be interested?

This isn’t self fulfilling prophecy ! It is NOT ! This is just my concern ! When I was between the age 13-18 I was interested in the world’s affair . I was interested in all ! I was interested in politics of my environment ..The health of my environment . The major facing issues of the society I loved and lived in ! I could recite parts of The Manifesto and indeed The Koran by heart ! I understood and read The Bible ! I had friends from different races – different religions – different backgrounds ( you may call it class ) – I knew of so called ” commoners ” and ” royals ” , it didn’t matter to me then and now ! I had read Iliad-Odessey . I collected garbage then from the sea- from the rivers ! I DISLIKED bullies and ask anyone who knew me then , what length I would go to protect the victims ! I had read The book of Aristotle! I knew of the lives of ants -bees and other animals etc..I was proud to know good people and wanted to be one of those people when I grow up .. The Pope today called on earth and said ” the earth is turning into filth ” ! AMEN , HE IS SADLY CORRECT ! It made me cry when I read it . At times I feel the future generation are going to let it all go ! I feel why am I too sensitive ! Although I feel lucky to know many who do care but yet I feel at times that percentage is small ..Please tell me I ‘m wrong ! Tell me people DO TRULY , truly CARE ! They will put effort to change laws – to change our world for a better place . A breathing place , not filled with filth ! Tell me our next generation is aware ! More aware than knowing the mediocrity that it’s rubbed on their faces ! Tell me the next generation will be strong enough to handle and change the filth they will be facing! Tell me they read , they dig , they are interested !

Leica 17 017 copy


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