The Gaps!

Majority of human beings are in constant search of filling up the gaps I think ! I find it normal to do that as beings ! But then we become the creatures of THAT only ! That becomes us ! And by being that I feel most of us miss the depth of what is ! We let our gut feelings go..We become simply creatures of practice , habits and comfort ! But not until finding ways to go deeper and forget ourselves in the process , we shall never reach nirvana ! ‪#‎Life‬ is notabout searching for someone to fill our gaps! Life is about finding that person and those wondrous places filled with wonders and magic where the deep depth of truth lives! And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. Remember that!

My deep love for the big blue is one I barely can describe ! The truth of it ! The silence of it ! The magic of it and the respect I give it !

I know I live in a world not understood by many , curiosity is just as fine !

Location – Maui ( HI ) – The Flower Garden ( Gulf of Mexico ) – Roatan ( Honduras)- Caysal ( Cuba ) . I have used A Subal ND 3 w/Nikon all the way to ‪#‎velviafilm‬.image #2 is a Giant Manta I m dancing with about 22-24 feet.


Masked people!

I have a thing, not a positive thing but a negative thing about people who are in a constant mode of being apologetic ( constant people-pleaser)
! I have a negative thing about people who don’t speak the truth , even if its their own truth ( that’s okay too) but they prefer to keep it in without expressing ! I find this to be very unhealthy! In my mind is a lack of confidence and a major self-esteem issue! Because it creates way too many shallow relationships!
hmm..I feel they always hide behind a mask! Wanna say something then go ahead say it ! If it offends anyone then it may be :

1- you didn’t think it hard but opened your mouth ! So be aware and think before you say something or say it in such a manner so your sincerity comes natural!

2- they took it personal ( it may be their issue ) It aint you ! TRUST!

3- Be open enough and not to attach yourself to what you said and what is said back at you therefore you can judge yourself and the other person better!

Either way express what you feel and think ! Give it some rational thoughts ! Don’t BS anyone ! It shows!

Image is mine – it is a model named Kate ( my muse for almost two years) – I loved working with her – perhaps one of the most fun -understanding-flexible people in the last few years! Taken with my Leica Digital~My favorite!


This morning!

This morning when you wake up and feeling healthy…And if you have your loved ones around also healthy ..It is your gift! Remember to send your clear and kind spirit to the ones that are suffering..And if you can hold a hand and give a shoulder to someone who is not as fortunate..then you are a living legend!

IMG_7873 copy

My personal residency in the presence of Ernest Hemingway!

Well , by his pool! ( April 27th , 2015)

I completed a thought in a sentence in my writing residency..I have different versions but prefer this.. ” Simply by knowing of your rare existence in this world, my thoughts travel to the fresh meaning of falling in love! But yet there is always a chance of just passing through only!

L1090615 copy

Then I think of your existence as my curse close to nothing in love! ”

L1090602 copy

A life completes when the great isn’t forgotten!

On April 27th 2015
Good morning..I looked at my hands this morning and finally after being away from NE for about 10 days they are returning to normal. My nails due to cold and dry air were getting cracked…Then I thought of the hands of Sherpas in Everest! Days in and out, carrying heavy equipment in cold and altitude …
My heart is heavy ! I wish I could hold those hands , close to my heart and tell them : they are beautiful..I’m sitting outside to make my morning coffee..Blessed I feel that I simply exist to see and to be where I’m!
Simplest pleasure, to be ! To seize my moment in time and not dwell in the past hurts when they surface and never minding an unknown future..
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I’m ” don’t know mind ” …I’m now and will do best I ‘m able! A great artist retreat and I’m the only human soul here ( well as far as the eye can see )!
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