Abandon !

Began my day late although I got up early! The busier my day my brain gets more restless and I don’t sleep as best as I want! But I will garden, swim and hoping to fit it early in the afternoon !

What the universe has brought to my life , I have tried my best to care for and frankly even thought with partners over the years, I have been the main care-taker with very little help!

I don’t know if ” responsibility ” is what we are born with or something we learn!
If plant-life comes to me , they grow ! If animals come to be in my life , they thrive !


Now If people came to me, ask me why I have let some go and very happy with my decision!  In short , I can handle hang-ups of people for so long until I grow tired of adults who I find toxic to themselves , therefore to me! But I won’t divert since this is about adoption and abandonment of pets !


After I watched this last night I had two thoughts : I rather die than not let the animals in my family go! I do understand SOME, I said some circumstances such as death-sudden handicap! But with low finances at times I think , one should take out of their own mouth and put it in the mouth of your family which includes pets! All I’m saying is this , I understand circumstances, I wasn’t raised in a cave ! But I also know more than 80% of people let go of pets not due to grave circumstances ! If you can’t be a responsible pet owner then don’t adopt, don’t buy ! Don’t you wish you could say the same to some parents about having kids or not !!!!


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