A life completes when the great isn’t forgotten!

On April 27th 2015
Good morning..I looked at my hands this morning and finally after being away from NE for about 10 days they are returning to normal. My nails due to cold and dry air were getting cracked…Then I thought of the hands of Sherpas in Everest! Days in and out, carrying heavy equipment in cold and altitude …
My heart is heavy ! I wish I could hold those hands , close to my heart and tell them : they are beautiful..I’m sitting outside to make my morning coffee..Blessed I feel that I simply exist to see and to be where I’m!
Simplest pleasure, to be ! To seize my moment in time and not dwell in the past hurts when they surface and never minding an unknown future..
22488_10153344314648969_8988096675694537976_n 11193328_10153344310743969_7469436420278454928_n
I’m ” don’t know mind ” …I’m now and will do best I ‘m able! A great artist retreat and I’m the only human soul here ( well as far as the eye can see )!
11017350_10153344322033969_8994735334621071114_n 10408702_10153344319283969_502724847377719162_n

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