Masked people!

I have a thing, not a positive thing but a negative thing about people who are in a constant mode of being apologetic ( constant people-pleaser)
! I have a negative thing about people who don’t speak the truth , even if its their own truth ( that’s okay too) but they prefer to keep it in without expressing ! I find this to be very unhealthy! In my mind is a lack of confidence and a major self-esteem issue! Because it creates way too many shallow relationships!
hmm..I feel they always hide behind a mask! Wanna say something then go ahead say it ! If it offends anyone then it may be :

1- you didn’t think it hard but opened your mouth ! So be aware and think before you say something or say it in such a manner so your sincerity comes natural!

2- they took it personal ( it may be their issue ) It aint you ! TRUST!

3- Be open enough and not to attach yourself to what you said and what is said back at you therefore you can judge yourself and the other person better!

Either way express what you feel and think ! Give it some rational thoughts ! Don’t BS anyone ! It shows!

Image is mine – it is a model named Kate ( my muse for almost two years) – I loved working with her – perhaps one of the most fun -understanding-flexible people in the last few years! Taken with my Leica Digital~My favorite!



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