I was away!

I have been away from my blogs !

It seems my last entry was in October ! Wow , I cant believe life passed by me so quick and I never got a chance to fulfil my blogs in November ! Truth is I was also away and needed time off from the world ! Early October I looked at my face and realized how tired I’m ! I was exhausted from doing and doing !

Work got into me !  Although almost all truly gratifying : Editing – advertising- curating – new client satisfaction can be exhausting until they see result – teaching workshop – work at the Lab ! And my new little endeavour has picked up and it seems now I have a way of supporting my charities of choice without going broke ! It feels like “good doing” since my little accessory business gets enough support ! This way I enjoy making more- giving more and being good to the environment ! But indeed all the activities and my own personal life got into me and needed to move away!

I miss writing my blogs ! I do ! I need to be able to express and try to spread the goodness of the life I know out there!

Good eve. when I photograph other artists work I try to do my best to justify their work . I usually only photograph murals in middle of nowhere little towns! I’m more interested to hear their stories and thoughts therefore I spend a few days looking for murals or if I ran into to ones I find interesting then I always stop , be it places I’ m not supposed to!!










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