Cape Cod ! A winter poem..

Between privates ( one on one client ) and group workshops I haven’t had time much time to myself ! And my installation partner giving large lectures and travelling , coordination has been difficult !
l spend more time down The Cape in Winter than other seasons ! I have designed this marvellous workshop I taught this week , a deeper understanding of self through arts, sustainable lifestyle and creativity ! This was my second workshop of ‪#‎thisorganiclife‬ ! My groups are small , never more than 15 people ( I prefer , easier to interact ) .
But time for my bigger project, Cape Cod installation and phase II ( final ) will be up this Spring ! Some of you came to see phase I , it was sponsored by Bang & Olufsen and continuing ..this second phase has self-made aroma added , and all from The Cape ! Will sent invites soon..

images ARE NOT HDR – they are mainly on film camera and translated into digital – scanned and exposure corrected that’s all- film does ROCK!


I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude – thoreau







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