Souls of the water!

Good morning! #climatechange is real #nature shot – day 4 ! My method of creating an image due to my past work with film perhaps a bit different! I like to teach my students to think in ” black and white” before taking the shot! I urge my students to take the shot straight in black & white ( yes even in the digital media ) instead of de-saturating in Photoshop . Thinking in B&W brings different layers , different layers to ones mind therefore the feeling in the image !

This shot is taken with a Leica digital , no filters straight from camera !

” Souls of the waters” – I like to think my audience feel the fact our waters are alive and respect, a must !


The suburbanisation of the soul!

Good afternoon ! This past weekend I finished ” The Drowned World ” by Ballard ! It is not the first time I have been mesmerized, but the more I read, the more I connect to his genre of Post-modernist ways of telling stories!
Anyway I thought this quote is well-fitting my current mindset of all times! :)- I ask myself this question, in the chaotic world of the norm where do I fit in! Thankfully these days after a mathematical epiphany by the Rio Grande river , NM last Nov. I still ask myself the same question, but not as often any-more!

” The future is going to be boring. The suburbanisation of the planet will continue, and the suburbanisation of the soul will follow soon after.
J. G. Ballard

I don’t create mystery~!

I think I’m mystery itself! I don’t try to re-create in order to be interesting! This is simply the way I’m ! It comes to me naturally!

Here is a shot taken with my Yashika,  Provia film and a neutral density filter. Analogue all the way – well except when scanned .

I love the mystery of film – always have . This is the extent of mystery I would like to experience !

Jee, I don’t even like mysterious people !  I prefer to stay away too much mystery!