Elegance !

At this point in my life I rather die a thousand deaths than be in the‪#‎company‬ of someone who doesn’t acknowledge ‪#‎poetry‬ ‪#‎arts‬ ‪#‎artists‬ ‪#‎love‬‪#‎compassion‬ for all beings not just some..

I have a phobia toward mainstream greedy money loving bunch, rich or poor! A ‪#‎frostian‬ face ‪#‎robertfrost‬ that is , looking at the continuum of snow!


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My life on a peninsula!

Life is to live on a peninsula but 11 minutes to downtown Boston…watching the sunset over the Ocean from a restaurant that is less 5 minutes walking distance from your house and the food, just divine..summer is here. When gracious people invite me to The Cape and the islands, they have no idea I have been living on an island for over 10 years! Summer is my season of birth and it’s here! I’m happy and reflecting ..Joy is truly those most simple things in our life!

Tenderness to oneself!

There is this blast of sudden light, a profound understanding, some call it an epiphany and it comes to you but it’s not out of nowhere! It s from the thoughts , the struggles, the heartbreak, the change and all your collective wisdom. You are now finally ready to actually make it happen !  And the moment you begin to walk in that path , then little by little things begin to change for better ..and you feel it – This is your moment to make it happen …you feel it!

Image is in Ojai- Road to Mount Meditation

Leica 17 074


Good morning ! Did an editorial with Charlene Dee , new emerging model ready to be hired! This young lady is truly beautiful in and out .

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.
Audrey Hepburn

Photo #1- is traditionally filtered with an actual Lee’s red soft sheet filter.#2- filtered digitally and cropped.


‪#‎pinhole‬ ‪#‎camera‬ – not sure if you all will dig these! These are taken with a Pinhole Camera I made with a box ( the one with dog peeing- and my famous saying : ” pee on it and walk away ” 🙂 ) This one is one of my favorites -thinking of shooting more next week ! Oh ,but I bet you have never seen John Hancock Bld , or Senator Kerry and Theressa ‘s house in such light! oh yeah that’s my own shadow in The Garden, Public Garden that is!

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