Abbas Kiarostami died today !

‪#‎abbaskiarostami‬ ‪#‎blog‬ long! Good morning ! The day Kurosawa died was a day I never forget! He was to me ..I can’t describe in words strong enough how I felt about Kurosawa ‘s vision ! There are a few others , Bernardo Bertolucci, Majid majidi, Jafar Panahi, Scorcese and Indeed Kiarostami !
I left Iran when I was really young, basically in my teens! But when I heard these words from #abbaskiarostami who viewed Iran as central to his work. “When you take a tree that is rooted in the ground, and transfer it from one place to another, the tree will no longer bear fruit. And if it does, the fruit will not taste the same as if from its original place”! I felt a punch in my stomach !
This very tale of the tree is the story of our life, Iranians ! My father, a physician remained in Iran after the revolution by choice until his last breaths..He was a dedicated Toubib ( healer ) and didn’t see why he needs to leave ..But many had no choice but to leave ..For my generation the damages were far less – We adopted to our lives overseas. Iranians are born ambitious ! But our older generation had to begin without their roots ! Vagabonds, we feel without Iran ! It’s a different type of nationalism! Trust , it has NOTHING to do with Fascism , something hard to explain to Westerners ..We are rooted by the love of our poets , literature , philosophers, mountains , food … …it’s called Hobbeh Vatan !
When I was leaving Iran a friend’ s father , Mohammad Ali Keshavarz ( well known and beloved actor ) sat me down and said ..” You are different Banafsheh , you and Nelly ( his daughter ) are different are both the artistic type , if you don’t come back and discover Iran as whole, your work will lack substance ” ..
Iran is truly one of my most ambitious work so far ..

Kurosawa loved Kiarostami works..and indeed vice versa..



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