Abbas continues..

Good morning ! Thoughts…As important he was to me alive,‪#‎abbaskiarostami‬, his passing has also brought new layers of emotion to me as a working artist.
Abbas was a photographer ! In his own words every moment is here for us to live since otherwise a moment not lived is a wasted moment..In his own words , he would have simply love to stay longer since everything has a story and it needs to be told ..AND he knew he could do that! Some of us are great story tellers..
I said a few days ago my goal in this life is to water the garden of my vision daily. Indeed with the gift of ” seeing ” from the creator, ambition and hard work, I have been able to create a world of thousands and thousands of visuals .. A life lived ..
I will be having plenty of my own lectures , installations ( mix media ) and photo-exhibit coming up ..I will be raising funds for my own big project Zourkhaneh ( in Iran ) dedicated to my dad- and my book of my own portraits ” Surfing in style , in closet with Banafsheh ) dedicated to my mother..NO MORE DELAYS..
For now enjoy these images taken with film , printed handmade ( plates ) – digitized and filtered both analog and digital .



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