Oh heaven is lucky..

Oh heaven is lucky ! My beloved ‪#‎Abbaskiarostami‬ passed away  July 4th in Paris! At times I feel the bucket of my tears has dried out! We want to keep our beloved people around because they inspire us to be expressive, to be the best we possibly can be ! But we have to say goodbye without a choice, time doesn’t discriminate ..
I have been truly active and I have been working mad ! People like Mr.Kiarostami , child of Iran inspire …

I dedicate this nature piece , although moody but soft to Abbas Kiarostami .

“Existence resists the indifference of life-and-death, it lives beyond mechanical “life,” it is always its own mourning, and its own joy. It becomes figure, image. It does not become alienated in images, but it is presented there: the images are the evidence of its existence, the objectivity of its assertion. This thought—which, for me, is the very thought of this film [Life and Nothing More…]—is a difficult thought, perhaps the most difficult. It’s a slow thought, always under way, fraying a path so that the path itself becomes thought. It is that which frays images so that images become this thought, so that they become the evidence of this thought—and not in order to “represent” it.” Abbas Kiarostami

Kiarostami Photography


My own next to the master..Trees are kind and strong

L1020366 copy 1



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