Postcards from the edges of my life..

I have been in a ‪#‎creative‬ mode, my Frida series , my flowers , upcycle/recycling Materials , spending day and night creating and expressing ! It’s my nourishment ! I keep myself sane in this chaotic world of the norm ! And yes, when I sell my pieces I also try to do good for this very chaotic world and your support is not only appreciated and believe the karma of doing good is your way ! Believe it is –

I will have a few very creative exhibitions of my own work this summer and will invite you..

here is another new piece’s on paper – paints and collage

I love Robert Frost and through his words I have made these on paper ( Verse in Country Things )- truth is I believe Arts will save the world .

Then all I need to is run
To the other end of the slope
And on tracts laid new to the sun
Begin all over to hope .



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