I want to stand tall!

Wrote this 2 days after the election on Nov.10th 2016!

Good morning! In my state of shock and disbelief I will send you all a gift from the desert ..Remain calm but please stay aware and gather strength, just like a milkweed ready for the storms- never be blinded by falseness, face the reality and fight for the good ! The good is the truth….Be truthful of what has happened, don’t get blinded..PLEASE DON’T BRING FALSE ” let’s be positive ” bullshit to this ! There is nothing ” positive in falseness ! if you don’t change , it will remain as..it’s ONLY together we can.
Positive comes when you admit to yourself the wrongs! Those are the seeds of positivity you shall grow..

Poisoning the society and human race isn’t positive and respectful.


Betta Fish!

Its been a very hectic few months ! last time I blogged here was over a month ago ! I think 2016 I went mad with creating arts in all medium from clothing to large installations. I think the election got me badly too! I think personal issues were getting too dusty and it was about time to remove them !  I felt like a Betta Fish ! Strong, beautiful but isolated !

I have this thing about Betta Fish! I think they are divine ! Something so delicate and fragile but yet mysterious and strong, all together in one exquisite body! Someday I will have a shelf / a large window against the sun and I will have 100s of them in larger tanks , separate but somehow they will be able to see each other not to be so lonely 😦

I hate it when pet stores put them in these tiny plastic containers sometimes for weeks , maybe even to a month and then God only knows where they go next..
I like to do a large print project with them but for now..