Betta Fish!

Its been a very hectic few months ! last time I blogged here was over a month ago ! I think 2016 I went mad with creating arts in all medium from clothing to large installations. I think the election got me badly too! I think personal issues were getting too dusty and it was about time to remove them !  I felt like a Betta Fish ! Strong, beautiful but isolated !

I have this thing about Betta Fish! I think they are divine ! Something so delicate and fragile but yet mysterious and strong, all together in one exquisite body! Someday I will have a shelf / a large window against the sun and I will have 100s of them in larger tanks , separate but somehow they will be able to see each other not to be so lonely 😦

I hate it when pet stores put them in these tiny plastic containers sometimes for weeks , maybe even to a month and then God only knows where they go next..
I like to do a large print project with them but for now..





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