Vaguely lit by the summer moon, Erect, naked, dreaming in her pallor of gold

Streaked by the heavy wave of her  blue hair,In the shadowy glade whenre stars spring in the moss,

The Dryade gazes up at the silent sky…- White Selene, timidly, lets her veil float,Over the feet of beautiful Endymion,And throws him a kiss in a pale beam…-

The Spring sobs far off in a long ecstasy.. is the nymph who dreams with one elbow on her urn, Of the handsome white stripling her wave has pressed against.-

A soft wind of love has passed in the night,And in the sacred woods, amid the standing hair of the great trees,Erect in majesty, the shadowly Marbles,The Gods, on whose brows the Bullfinch has his nest,- the Gods listen to Men, and to the infinite World!

Arthur Rimbaud May 70

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I know Love and I know hate ..is in between I freeze to death..

 You came to me this morning

And you handled me like meat.

You´d have to be a man to know

How good that feels, how sweet

My mirror twin, my next of kin,

I´d know you in my sleep.

And who but you would take me in

A thousand kisses deep?


I love you when you open

Like a lily to the heat.

I´m just another snowman

Standing in the rain and sleet,

Who love you with his frozen love

His second-hand physique –

With all he is, and all he was

A thousand kisses deep.


All soaked in sex, and pressed against

The limits of the sea:I saw there were no oceans left

For scavengers like me.

We made it to the forward deck

I blessed our remnant fleet -And then consented to be wrecked

A thousand kisses deep.


I know you had to lie to me, I know you had to cheat.

But the Means no longer guarantee

The Virtue in Deceit.That truth is bent, that beauty spent,That style is obsolete -Ever since the Holy Spirit went

A thousand kisses deep.


So what about this Inner Light

That´s boundless and unique?

I´m slouching through another night

A thousand kisses deep.



I tried to quit

Hey, I´m lazy and I´m weak.

But sometimes when the night is slow,

The wretched and the meek,We gather up our hearts and go

A thousand kisses deep.


And fragrant is the thought of you,

The file on you complete -Except what we forgot to do

A thousand kisses deep.


And summoned now to deal

With your invincible defeat,

You live your life as if it´s real

A thousand kisses deep.



And I´m still working with the wine,Still dancing cheek to cheek.

The band is playing “Auld Lang Syne” –

The heart will not retreat.And maybe I had miles to drive,

And promises to keep -You ditch it all to stay alive

A thousand kisses deep.


And now you are the Angel Death

And now the Paraclete

And now you are the Savior’s Breath

And now the Belsen heap

.No turning from the threat of love,No transcendental leap –

As witnessed here in time and blood

A thousand kisses deep.

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Its already April’s rain!

if you knew of rain

its sound when it knocks

its aroma on the desert sand

its color on every green yellow leaf


if you knew of rain

its gray

its blue

its blank


If you knew of rain

its flacons on every moss

its drops on every broken glass

its touch with a palm of a hand


if you knew of rain..

when it fills every river

when it makes a road dark shined

when it makes a roof a recital of unspoken words


Of its Thickened Fog


if you ever knew of Rain!