I wrote this on Dec -1 , 2013

Before I end the evening on Facebook I wanted to share something . I just read a post about this person who has changed her life after 20 years of living in a rotten situation. A new life , new happiness! Isn’t that’s wonderful ! Then I read that Paul Walker has died . I must admit I have never seen a movie with him except every time I saw his picture I thought what a good-looking man 40 years old and now dead in a car crash ! Want to know what is one of the biggest sorrows of this world? Is the fact most of the population live either in the past or in the future . Do you know what this really means? It means most people are betraying the present moment of their lives..What a shame not to live in the present moment of this life ! Do you know how much you miss ? You miss all the pleasure of living now in the bottom of the past that is gone and on the surface of the future that is not promised..
At times it feels like a sociopathic society ….Live now , it’s YOUR choice as an adult !

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