Another Birth by Forough Farokhzad

My whole being is a dark chant
which will carry you
perpetuating you
to the dawn of eternal growths and blossoming
in this chant I sighed you sighed
in this chant
I grafted you to the tree to the water to the fire.

Life is perhaps
a long street through which a woman holding
a basket passes every day

Life is perhaps
a rope with which a man hangs himself from a branch
life is perhaps a child returning home from school.

Life is perhaps lighting up a cigarette
in the narcotic repose between two love makings
or the absent gaze of a passerby
who takes off his hat to another passerby
with a meaningless smile and a good morning .

Life is perhaps that enclosed moment
when my gaze destroys itself in the pupil of your eyes
and it is in the feeling
 which I will put into the Moon’s impression
 and the Night’s perception.

In a room as big as loneliness
my heart
which is as big as love
looks at the simple pretexts of its happiness
at the beautiful decay of flowers in the vase
at the sapling you planted in our garden
and the song of canaries
which sing to the size of a window.

this is my lot
this is my lot
my lot is
a sky which is taken away at the drop of a curtain
my lot is going down a flight of disused stairs
a regain something amid putrefaction and nostalgia
my lot is a sad promenade in the garden of memories
and dying in the grief of a voice which tells me
I love
your hands.

I will plant my hands in the garden
I will grow I know I know I know
and swallows will lay eggs
in the hollow of my ink-stained hands.

I shall wear
a pair of twin cherries as ear-rings
and I shall put dahlia petals on my finger-nails
there is an alley
where the boys who were in live with me
still loiter with the same unkempt hair
thin necks and bony legs
and think of the innocent smiles of a little girl
who was blown away by the wind one night.

There is an alley
which my heart has stolen
from the streets of my childhood.

The journey of a form along the line of time
inseminating the line of time with the form
a form conscious of an image
coming back from a feast in a mirror

And it is in this way
that someone dies
and someone lives on.

No fisherman shall ever find a pearl in a small brook
which empties into a pool.

I know a sad little fairy
who lives in an ocean
and ever so softly
plays her heart into a magic flute
a sad little fairy
who dies with one kiss each night
and is reborn with one kiss each dawn.

Translated by
By: Karim Emami

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3 months !

Wow,  I cant believe the last blog I wrote here was in October! where did the time go ? I had never delayed this long! Between my two blogs, this one really got hit from all the crazy events of my life last year! All good and I survived it ! Unpredictable life! Taking care of others ! Making big decisions and keeping it all , civilized and real ! And then when you look back , you simply pat yourself and say : You are okay kiddo! you are !

It seems I’m finally beginning to breathe a bit !

It feels like another birth when I get back to my art projects! It feels like there’s no distraction and I don’t need anything! I could simply stay up all night in my studio and work all day just doing what I do best, be creative! The only time I may dwell in the past is when I use it in my work! I make decisions and then I move forward and yeah I forgive! This project is very dear to me because it shows and talks about , pureness of one soul, the joy and sorrow we face daily , how we are deceived and how we handle it all !  ” Bare we come, damaged we leave” … it’s about finding joy , finding perspective , enlightenment can actually change us and make us better people ! A better life ! Kindness..Thoughtfulness ..

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Change !

Only I finally decided that change is near ! Only I decided to fasten my belt and look forward to the change ahead! Only I decided to take the roads unknown and handle the sudden change of its twists and turns! This has been me ! This became more me until I decided to settle ! But adventure is my well-being!




She entered, and passionately, with half-closed eyes, she joined her lips with mine, and our tongues knew each other. . . Never in my life had there been a kiss like that.

She stood against me, amorous and willing. Little by little my knee rose between her warm thighs, which spread as though receptive to a lover.

My wandering hand upon her gown sought her secret body, which alternately swayed in undulation, or arching, stiffened with tremblings of the skin.

With maddened eyes she looked upon the bed; but we had no right to love before the wedding, and we separated hastily at last.