the desert!

I fell in love with #SantaFe#newMexico more than two decades ago! It felt like home! 23 years ago today was my first trip to this diverse #beloved #state! At the time I was living in #socal! I had gotten a paid gig for #Alaska but ended up in #NM instead!#thesky #thearoma #thesoil #thearchitecture#thelighting had similarities to my homeland ! I was #home ! #photography #zia#landofenchantment – Hashtags are from my Instagram account!


Sometimes it rains in April!

Took this shot with a Toy Camera about 10 years ago day before Monday Marathon – it was pouring and I had an urge to shoot ! No one was around,  I walked from my place then in to Downtown Boston , to The Public Garden and shot The Park..

I truly love the series and this is one of my favorites..One barely ever sees the pond this filled, overflowing and  the chairs almost in the water ! I have sold many of these shots through two Gallerists in Boston and Providence.

It was taken with an expired Ilford film.. The scanned..